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Strategic Planning

What is your business’ goal? Starting Block can help you to decipher what that goal means strategically and the action required to systematically achieve it. Despite claims to the contrary some businesses do succeed without a formalised strategy, but the odds are stacked against them.  Almost 60% of Australian small businesses fail within the first [read more…]

Customer Insights

Customers are the most important part of your business. Period.

Without customers everything else that you do in your business is worthless as a commercial endeavor.

Starting Block Business Consultants can help you to identify who your potential customers are, and then strategically deliver products and services to meet their requirements.

Innovation Management

What’s wrong with this image? If you ask that question of an engineer, a salesperson and a management executive, you will probably get three very different answers.  Probably something like: Engineer: three interlocking gears create a brake and don’t operate as gears should. Salesman: How many copies of that image have you sold – 1000, [read more…]