Making R&D Pay

Research and Development can provide excellent opportunities for your business. Starting Block Business Consultants can help you to implement and manage R&D strategies, and to analyse your findings. The Australian Federal Government continues to support R&D activities through their R&D Tax Incentive program and if your business is eligible you may be able to take [read more…]

Innovation Management

What’s wrong with this image? If you ask that question of an engineer, a salesperson and a management executive, you will probably get three very different answers.  Probably something like: Engineer: three interlocking gears create a brake and don’t operate as gears should. Salesman: How many copies of that image have you sold – 1000, [read more…]

Product and service development – strategic planning

Is your business getting squeezed out of the market, or are you striving to get to the top of it? Whatever your reason for undertaking product or service development, you need a plan of attack. Starting Block Business Consultants can help you strategically plan and roll out a strategy for your product or service. Our [read more…]