Starting Block Lawyers

Starting Block Lawyers Pty Ltd delivers all legal services for the Starting Block group of companies. Starting Block Business Consultants and Starting Block Lawyers work together to provide a full spectrum of services for SMEs from planning through to execution.

Is an ESS an ESOP by another name?

First up an ESOP is an Employee Share [Stock] Ownership Plan and the acronym applies in a number of countries, but particularly the USA.  An ESS is an Employee Share Scheme and is Australia’s less than useful (for start-ups and SMEs) version of an ESOP. The ESS scheme does not share the structure and objectives [read more…]

Product Life-cycle Management

The following discusses our approach to product life-cycle management (PLM) which comprises each of the following concurrent processes: [re]formulating the corporate/business strategy; new product development (NPD) customer relationship management (CRM); and internal/proprietary knowledge management (KM). The purpose of this article is to highlight simple ways that businesses that are engaging in new product development can [read more…]

Intellix Pty Ltd

Starting Block Business Consultants has entered into an incorporated joint venture to deliver specialised corporate review services. The joint venture – Intellix Pty Ltd combines the knowledge and experience within Starting Block Business Consultants with that of Inavis Pty Ltd to provide full spectrum analysis and reporting.

When is ‘bad’ news good?

When it comes to starting a new venture, buying a business or acquiring an interest in a company, the answer is ‘early’, and more specifically before you have committed extensive resources to it. The unfortunate truth is that the more time and money that we spend on something, the more likely we are to commit [read more…]

Making R&D Pay

Research and Development can provide excellent opportunities for your business. Starting Block Business Consultants can help you to implement and manage R&D strategies, and to analyse your findings. The Australian Federal Government continues to support R&D activities through their R&D Tax Incentive program and if your business is eligible you may be able to take [read more…]