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About us

Starting Block Business Consultants is a boutique advisory business based in Brisbane Australia that delivers services alongside Starting Block Lawyers Pty Ltd.

Starting Block Business Consultants is led by Simon Fifield, a corporate/commercial lawyer and award winning industrial design consultant.  Simon has over 15 years experience in helping business people innovate, commercialise technology, and pursue new ventures. See Simon’s profile here.

Starting Block Business Consultants’ purpose is to make new profitable. We help business people overcome the challenges of doing new things that are outside of their existing expertise. We can help in a number of ways including research, analysis, mentoring, training and advice.

For some further information on the type of work we do, please see our services page or contact us.
If you would like some more information about our approach to business, please see our approach page.

If you are just starting out and would like to take advantage of our discount start-up consultation, please call to book an appointment. We know it can be difficult to juggle existing obligations like work and family when you are starting out. So, if you can put aside an hour or two please give us a call and to organise a time and we’ll come to you.

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